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Recommended Vegetarian & Vegan Resources

  • Vegetarian Starter Kit : Resources for a healthy diet for disease prevention and maintaining a healthy weight from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
  • Vegetarian Food for Thought, Podcast : An excellent podcast with over 140 free archived shows by the renowned author and speaker Colleen Patrick-Goudreau who offers a unique perspective, leaving listeners feeling supported, motivated, and inspired. Episodes include topics on: frequently asked questions, food, cooking, history, nutrition, animal use, and debunking of the myths surrounding these issues.
  • The Vegan Feed : All the best free vegan cooking shows, podcasts, nutrition blogs, recipes, fitness information, and lifestyle blogs, all in one spot and updated every 30 minutes.
  • Happy Cow: Find Local Vegan and Veg-friendly restaurants in Tucson and across the globe!
  • 30 Day Vegan Challenge : This is the only resource listed here that costs money ($20). For such a small fee, you get a multimedia online vegan program created by Collen Patrick-Goudreau. The program features outstanding written, audio, and video content to give you everything you need to support a journey towards optimal wellness and compassion.
  • Humane Myth : “Both the animal-using industry and some animal advocacy organizations are propagating the idea that it is possible to use and kill animals in a manner that can be fairly described as respectful, compassionate, and/or humane. We believe that the ‘Humane Myth’ misrepresents the realities of animal use, and cultivates a positive image of activities that are neither just nor kind nor sustainable.”
  • Finding Vegan : Thousands of pages of beautiful food photos linked to free recipes on their respective blogs.
  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine : Health and nutrition research articles, advice, and resources.
  • Nutrition Facts : The latest in nutrition related research delivered in easy to understand video segments brought to you by Dr. Michal Greger, MD

Local Tucson Restaurants with Vegan Cuisine

Harvest Moon Authentic Chinese Cuisine
12125 N Oracle Road, in Oro Valley Market Place
P: (520) 825-5351

Grain River Asian Bistro
12985 N Oracle Rd, Ste 125, Oro Valley
P: (520) 818-1555

Tasteful Kitchen
722 N Stone Ave, Tucson
P: (520) 250-9600

Urban Fresh
73 E Pennington St, Downtown Tucson
P: (520) 792-9355

Lovin’ Spoonfuls
2990 N Campbell Ave #120, Tucson
P: (520) 325-7766

Blue Willow
2616 N Campbell Ave, Tucson
P: (520) 327-7577

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