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“When I came to my first appointment, six months ago, I was experiencing migraine headaches for days at a time, high blood pressure, a looming immune disorder that was thought to be Lupus like my mother, and on top of that, I had been scheduled for a complete knee replacement. My hope was that he could just help me manage the pain until my surgery date three months out. I had no idea, at the time, what I was about to learn and how it would change my life.

Within weeks, Steve managed my knee pain and healed the soft tissue meniscus tears, but more amazing was how the new diet he put me on transformed my life and took away my migraines. The Whole-foods, Plant-based Lifestyle he advocated simply lowered my blood pressure and immune disorder blood counts, so much so that I am no longer on medication. I cancelled my knee surgery and have renewed energy. Think about that.

At sixty years of age I feel like I’ve gotten a second chance at life.”

– Cinthia T.