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Q-100 Society
Low Vision Improvement Program
North American Association for Light Therapy
World Association for Laser Therapy
International Society for Medical Laser Applications
American Society for Laser Acupuncture Therapy
Arizona Society of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture
American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
LumaPoint Research, LLC
Tucson Low-Intensity Light Institute

We use FDA-cleared Laser and LED devices

Weber Medical
Apollo Physical Therapy Products
Meditech International
Quantum Devices
Konftec Corporation

Research Organizations


  • LumaPoint Research LLC, a research and development department of the Center, is responsible for developing special treatment programs using low-light therapy in conjunction with acupuncture for the treatment of stroke recovery, tinnitus, chronic sinusitis, low vision, chronic soft-tissue injury, osteoarthritis, peripheral neuropathy, shingles pain, non-healing wounds, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Please visit North American Association for Light Therapy and World Association for Laser Therapy to find out more about low-level laser and LED therapy.

Healthy Lifestyle Patient Education

    • Steve Liu, L.Ac, BSEE founded the Q-100 Society in Tucson, AZ in 2010 after a personal journey with a book and a family illness. He found that the truth to a healthier life is simple – just Eat Plants, Get Physical, and Have Purpose. The goal of the Q-100 Society is to live 100 years with quality of life without having any chronic disease or taking any pills.