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Live 100 years old with quality of life. No chronic diseases. No pills.

In 2010, Steve Liu, L.Ac, BSEE founded the Q-100 Society in Tucson, AZ after a personal journey with a book and a family illness. Learn more about his story and his journey as a truth seeker.Steve found that the truth to a healthier life is simple-just Eat Plants, Get Physical, and Have Purpose. Join Steve and his patients as they strive to live 100 years with quality of life without having any chronic disease or taking any pills. Join the Q-100 Society today to enjoy the membership benefits of being part of a healthy community, lectures, special events, health resources, and more!

Triad Principle for Longevity with Quality of Life

Eat Plants

  • First, practice a 50/50 plant-friendly diet-at least 50% of meals are 100% plant-based. Then, go for an 80/20 plant-slant diet-at least 80% of meals are 100% whole-food-plant-based. That is at least 16 meals a week containing nothing but foods from the following four food groups only: vegetables, fruits, beans, and grains. No more than 5 meals per week with minimal animal products and keeping them as organic and non-GMO as possible.
  • Q-100 Society Target: 100/0 plant-perfect diet. No food intake contains any animal flesh or its by-products for the rest of life. Plant-perfect diet makes perfect sense to the health of the human body and the eco-health of planet earth.

Get Physical

  • To start, simply move. Any movement or exercise, 2 days a week, will do. Then go for 4 days a week with 2 days in aerobic.
  • Q-100 Society Target: 6 days per week – 2 days with fitness training and 4 days with aerobic exercise for the rest of life.Moving heals, sitting kills.

Have Purpose

  • Social networking and love yield purposes in life. Belong to health-minded groups. Surround yourself with people you love and people who love you.
  • Q-100 Society Target: Participate in the Society’s monthly activities and meet with other members. Love people, love life, love your work, love your spouse and friends, be a kind and good person and longevity with quality of life is all but assured.

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– J C.

“On the very first visit, he found soft tissue scarring along my spine during an examination of my back for pain. That is, after decades of seeing many orthopedists who never conducted such a hands-on extensive examination. Steve is very thorough and on your first visit he will explore with your medical history to come up with a treatment plan tailored just for you. Mr. Liu also has a prior background in electrical engineering so he is able to use that knowledge, expertise and talent especially using laser acupuncture”

– HRD, Colonel USMC, Retired