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How are the visits structured?

During the initial consult, our practitioners will create a composite Chinese medical diagnosis. A customized treatment plan will then be formulated to induce the body to a balanced state of health. A series of follow-up visits will be recommended where you will receive treatment over a course of a few weeks to resolve imbalance and treat your health condition.


  • 90-minute Initial Visit –> $157
  • 60-minute Follow-Up Visit –> $97
  • 90-minute Established Patient New Issue –> $127

In Arizona, acupuncture is not normally covered by insurance and Medicare. If your plan does, we will be happy to assist you with completing the necessary paperwork.

We Appreciate Referrals

Many medical physicians refer to our practice. We welcome medical office staff to call our office directly to schedule appointments for their patients. Many patients also refer their friends and family, so inquire about our Patient Rewards Program, which provides a 20% discount off your next visit.

Acupuncture Patient Education

Healthy Lifestyle Patient Education

Steve Liu, L.Ac, BSEE founded the Q-100 Society in Tucson, AZ in 2010 after a personal journey with a book and a family illness. He found that the truth to a healthier life is simple – just Eat Plants, Get Physical, and Have Purpose. The goal of the Q-100 Society is to live 100 years with quality of life without having any chronic disease or taking any pills.

These resources have been selected to help patients on their journey to a healthier lifestyle


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